Kitting Blades, Cutting Costs

High-Quality Kits for Wind Blades

Our services

JMB designs and produces balsa and/or foam kits for wind blades

We deliver ready-made parts according to our Customers exact needs

You can expect high-quality, a very competitive price, as well as perfect service

  • Kit designing

    Our engineering team is ready to design kit for you

  • Kit prototyping

    1st kit is good, 2nd is very good, and 3rd is perfect

  • Kit serial production

    We are very good at high-quality serial production

  • Kit optimization

    Sometimes it is good to review kit and optimise


To produce high-quality kits we need to perform many different operations

Each operation has broad range of variants/parameters to make perfectly fitted kit

Below you will find examples of operations that we can perform

Cutting (5-axis)






Scrim application

Dedicated packing


We work with many types of core materials, including balsa, PET foams and PVC foams

For each material, we are able to work with a wide range of thicknesses and densities

We rework core materials produced by various suppliers

Balsa wood

Balsa wood

PET foam (virgin)

PET foam (virgin)

PET foam

PET foam

PVC foam

PVC foam

Why JMB?

To be successful in the wind industry market, you need to be competitve

Competition between kitting service providers is also substantial

Below you will find just a few reasons why is it worth choosing JMB

Quality + Price

The key reason why we were able to enter the market was that we delivered high-quality kits at very competitive prices. We maintain this approach and still keep optimizing

Very Dynamic Growth

Our company joined the market when there were already several experienced Competitors. We have caught up quickly and are now still growing several dozen % annually

Customer Service

We are focused on our Customers' needs. Staying open for any suggestions, avoiding "no", being ready to support Customers' on-site and solve their problems ASAP

Experienced-Young Team

Sounds contradictory? JMB's team consists of very experienced experts in the furniture industry as well as of very dynamic young members with strong will to develop

Own Solutions

JMB knows how to maintain the balance between using standard machinery and building our own to effectively meet Customers' needs, even in very unique cases

Trust and Reliability

We believe that JMB as family-based company is a value our Customers. We take decisions independently, but we also have strong support from financial institutions

Standards & Awards

In our previous history in furniture, we implemented IKEA IWAY, FSC and ISO 9001 certifications

Now we are moving towards other certifications as well as developing wind industry standards

What is more, JMB is often awarded by business magazines for its dynamic growth

ISO 9001

Staying focused on the quality of our services, we have implemented ISO 9001, granted by Bureau Veritas

Dun & Bradstreet

As very reliable and stable company, JMB is holds a Dun & Bradstreet certificate of business credibility

Forbes Diamonds

In 2016, we took 8th place in our province for mid-size companies with the highest growth for results of financial year 2015

Puls Biznesu

In 2016, our President took 7th place in the Polish ranking of the most successful female owners of mid-size companies


JMB, as many other companies - also successful ones, has had different stages in its development

In the past, we produced wooden briquettes as well as furniture parts for IKEA

Since 2015, we have been 100% focused on wind industry

JMB's Development


- now

New Facility

We have started to prepare our new facility outside of Poland, which will be a great step in our rapid development. More details about the location and increased potential of JMB will be released soon



100% Growth

Although both 2015 and 2016 were very successful for JMB, in 2016 we noted 100% growth in comparison to 2015. Our will is to keep up this high pace for the coming years


- now

R&D :Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines

We have started a R&D project to produce small vertical-axis wind turbines. After several months of tests, we are close to completing the design of product that can be commercialized. Details will be released soon


- now

Kitting Services

We joined the wind industry market by offering kitting services to our first Customer. Since then, we have established cooperation with many Customers, delivering high-quality at very attractive prices and thus changing the landscape of kitting services in Europe


- 2015

Cooperation with IKEA Industry

We produced thousands of furniture elements every month. For many reasons, that experience was very beneficial when we entered the wind industry market in 2010


- 2005

Wooden Briquettes Production

Our first business stage was to produce wooden briquettes from the waste of local furniture companies. Although this was not a renewables market, the product was still ecological


Foundation of Company

JMB was formally established in 2000


- 2002


JMB's history builds on the previous professional experience of its CEO, who was an investments manager and finally became Managing Director of local furniture factory with than 1k employees

R&D: Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines

Since 2013 JMB has been involved in R&D project to produce small vertical-axis wind turbines

In 2015, we built the first version of our turbine, which was pretty good, but we felt it had to be better to succeed

Currently our engineers are working on the second version. Preliminary results are very promising and we should achieve:

Rated Power

Yearly Production

Return Period

Profit Period


Below you will find our contact details, a map as well as an online contact form


P.I.W. "JMB" Sp. z o.o.


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72-100 GoleniĆ³w




+48 883 504 204

Tel/Fax (Polski)

+48 91 4181996

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