Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct contains the basic standards and principles that apply to our daily work at JMB Wind Engineering. It defines important standards of conduct regarding responsibilities, proper behavior in the workplace, business and finance activities, as well as media and technology usage.

Failure to comply with ethical and legal principles is not only contrary to these values, but also damages our reputation and can have serious legal consequences. People who act illegally and get rich at the expense of the company act to the detriment of all of us - shareholders, management and employees.

Rules and principles:

  1. Respecting and protecting human rights is the basis of our work.
  2. Environmental as well as health and safety protection are the the basic elements of the company's responsibility.
  3. We treat each other with mutual respect and trust, creating a work environment in which there is no place for any kind of discrimination.
  4. We encourage our employees to express their opinions freely, without fear of persecution and possible reprisals.
  5. Personal data and information are collected, stored, used and made available in accordance with applicable regulations.
  6. We handle company property, products and resources in a responsible and appropriate manner, using them only for business purposes.
  7. We disclose potential or existing conflicts of interest in the workplace promptly for investigation and resolution.
  8. We do not engage in corruption, bribery, fraudulent profit or other illegal transactions with individuals, legal entities or government officials.
  9. We protect confidential information about the company, products and services against their unlawful disclosure and use.
  10. We never knowingly provide or endorse the provision of incorrect or false advertising / marketing information about our products and services.

The Code of Conduct is presented to every employee starting work in our company.

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