Our services

JMB designs and produces balsa and/or foam kits for wind blades

We deliver ready-made parts according to our Customers exact needs

You can expect high-quality, a very competitive price, as well as perfect service

  • Kit designing

    Our engineering team is ready to design kit for you

  • Kit prototyping

    1st kit is good, 2nd is very good, and 3rd is perfect

  • Kit serial production

    We are very good at high-quality serial production

  • Kit optimization

    Sometimes it is good to review kit and optimise


To produce high-quality kits we need to perform many different operations

Each operation has broad range of variants/parameters to make perfectly fitted kit

Below you will find examples of operations that we can perform

Cutting (5-axis)






Scrim application

Dedicated packing


We work with many types of core materials, including balsa, PET foams and PVC foams

For each material, we are able to work with a wide range of thicknesses and densities

We rework core materials produced by various suppliers

Balsa wood

Balsa wood

PET foam (virgin)

PET foam (virgin)

PET foam

PET foam

PVC foam

PVC foam