Why JMB?

To be successful in the wind industry market, you need to be competitve

Competition between kitting service providers is also substantial

Below you will find just a few reasons why is it worth choosing JMB

Quality + Price

The key reason why we were able to enter the market was that we delivered high-quality kits at very competitive prices. We maintain this approach and still keep optimizing

Very Dynamic Growth

Our company joined the market when there were already several experienced Competitors. We have caught up quickly and are now still growing several dozen % annually

Customer Service

We are focused on our Customers' needs. Staying open for any suggestions, avoiding "no", being ready to support Customers' on-site and solve their problems ASAP

Experienced-Young Team

Sounds contradictory? JMB's team consists of very experienced experts in the furniture industry as well as of very dynamic young members with strong will to develop

Own Solutions

JMB knows how to maintain the balance between using standard machinery and building our own to effectively meet Customers' needs, even in very unique cases

Trust and Reliability

We believe that JMB as family-based company is a value our Customers. We take decisions independently, but we also have strong support from financial institutions